Song Catchers and Power Wands

the web site dedicated to the Songcatchers and Power Wands
created by artist, musician, and the purveyor of the mystical and magical,
Liam Cutchins.

Herein you will find photographs, descriptions, testimonials,
and the stories behind the creation of these beautiful and majestic creations,
as well as their availability for both live gallery viewing and purchase.

This journey started several years ago after singing
a song to my first grandson, Kayden:
"If you go to sleep now, tell you what I'll do.
I'll go outside in the midnight sky and catch a song for you."

So Kayden asked. "Granddaddy, just how do you catch a song?"
To which I replied, "With a songcatcher, silly."
"But what does a songcatcher look like, says Kayden."
"Good question." says I.

To catch anything you must understand its nature.
It is very difficult to catch a fish with your bare hands.
A fish lives in water and is caught by either a net, sifting through the water;
or is attracted to a lure, attached to a line, attached to a stick.
Using these as extensions of himself, the fisherman casts out and pulls in.
Fancy equipment doesn't necessarily guarantee a fish,
just like an expensive camera doesn't guarantee great photographs,
but it makes it less difficult.

What happens to a song once it has been sung?
It doesn't cease to exist. Sometimes it is written down or recorded.
But just as it lingers in the memories of those who have heard it,
these collections of vibrations linger in the ether of our environment.
To catch a song one must use a suitable extension to both lure and net;
to gather these collections of vibrations.
Cast out and pull in.

So I needed to construct something quite beautiful to attract sympathetic
and symbiontic energy vibrations, as well as something functional
to sift through that energy and enable me to select a pleasing collection;
just as songbirds use the crystaline structure of their long tail feathers for
navigational stability, sensing and reacting to both the physical and
ethereal environment. Have you ever watched a flock of birds act as one unit?
This is called "collective consciousness." Although this can also be observed in
schools of fish and herds of animals, with migratory birds, this accelerated communication is enhanced through the use of the crystalline structure of their
feathers. It's like a crystal radio or built in GPS system
in tune with the Earth's magnetic field.

The inherent physical beauty of feathers is also used to attract or
lure a sympathetic vibration. My intent is to use the most rare,
and beautiful feathers in the world, mounted on the most beautiful,
and tactile of handles, to attract and sift through the vast collections
of ethereal vibrations, to transmit and receive selected energy.
One's intent has so much to do with how these wands work.
These are energy extensions, after all. Power wands.
They increase one's ability to cast out and pull in energy.
Just as the computer can do so much more than simply gather
and send email, the intent with which these wands are used,
along with the strength and skill of the user, governs the final results.

I have recently begun to add other crystals; quartz, clear, smokey and rose;
both green and red calcite for healing: amethyst, herkemer, and selenite;
to stimulate, amplify, focus and direct this energy flow,
Imagine a combination channel selector and hard drive.

The novice will immediately feel the air that is displaced and
sifted with the movement of the wands in the physical environment.
To "feel" or sense the energy in the ethereal environment takes a bit of practice.
For some more than for others. Much like fishing and
using a computer or camera, skills take time to perfect.
Feel the wand and focus your intent.

Cast out and pull in.
Concentrate on your purpose.
Cast out and pull in.

I have made dozens of these beautiful Power Wands
over the years, and have used them primarily as songcatchers.
Many of the songs I have "caught," I have recorded on CDs
which are available on my web site,

I make no guarantees about these Power Wands.
A fine fishing rod can not be guaranteed to catch fish.
I am simply saying what works for me, and I should think,
with some practice, might just work for you as well.
My intent with this web site is to show examples of some
of the first Power Wands, or Featherwands, that I have constructed.
There will inevitably, at some point in the future, be knock offs or copies.
But this is where it all started. These were the first.